Tutorials and Uses Cases

Here we have collected some materials that you may find useful to accomplish your goals on using the GlueSync connector.

Video tutorials

Keep in sync Microsoft SQL Server with Couchbase

Watch and learn how to keep in sync GlueSync with Microsoft SQL Server and Couchbase in this ~20min tutorial.

Demo data used in the video could be found at this link CSV file.

Use cases

GlueSync in manufacturing

MobileBridge use case: Bridging the gap between ERP and Mobile

Directly from the GlueSync blog, in this article the team helped MobileBridge’s Twinforce app to come alive and achieve the goal to being kept in sync with whatever ERP system without the need to develop any custom API integration to boost time-to-market and cut dramatically the integration costs for their clients.

See it in action here with GlueSync and Couchbase running in the video below.

GlueSync in logistics

Customer in logistics use case: real-time data for Business Intelligence

In this article the team helped a customer working in the logistic sector achieve its goal to centralize the data intelligence from multiples remote sites running Oracle database synchronizing them all via GlueSync to a central Couchbase cluster running in the main headquarters.